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Traveling with GoWhatsThat is easy – it is like having a personal tour guide in your pocket!

Discover the world like never before using first-in phone guide. GoWhatsThat makes exploring any city easier by organizing your essential info about the place and making it available even in different languages. You only have to open the app and scan the QR codes or tap you NFC enabled phone on any WhatsThat image.



Original is an innovative brand protection solution that prevents counterfeit. Customers can easily check product’s information and verify its authenticity. Genuity with the unique scratch code or NFC given on the Original label. It also allows customers to generate Digital Warranty Card and align After sales services.iginal


Lighthouse is a security solution that stands as a guard, ready to send alerts to all kinds of situations; such as movement in a restrictive environment and keeps real-time record of movement inside a determined environment. The system focuses on:
  • Security Management System
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Rapid Motion Detection


Smartdoc is an online document management tool that lets you authenticate documents across all your devices. You only have to add a RFID chip to the document and read it with your NFC-enabled phone; once it is scanned, the information will be shown on the Smart Doc app and you will be sure the document is authentic.


This new solution will provide a new definition of security to all parents, by combining different technologies and creating a unique platform. This new app will take you closer to the education of your children without interrupting your agenda.

Through the application, you can monitor the location of your children, as well as school events near your location. In addition, the application provides the perfect channel to communicate between the teacher and the parent; here you can get your kid’s grades messages and tasks.

In addition, the solution includes a payment getway so that the student can pay their meal directly at the school without carrying cash, all through their school card.

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