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RFID Readers

RFID Readers

Our RFID readers are easy to use and to support. We specialize in manufacturing state-of-the-art readers that integrate physical and logical access control.

The reading performance and receiver sensitivity of our products allow a higher level for capturing data from the RFID product.


The OMNIKEY smart card reader enables authentication for computers, software, networks, applications and RFID cards.


  • FX100: Portable device with an Android operating system. It allows companies to manage HF RFID applications remotely.
  • FX200: It is based on the Android operating system. It has a front and rear camera to scan codes. Includes NFC antenna, Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi, 2G, 3G connections and dual SIM slots.
  • FX205: Contains a large screen, camera and long battery life with NFC, 4G, Bluetooth and GPS; It is used for facilities management, maintenance, logistics, asset tracking and cashless events.

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