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RFID Wearables

RFID Wearables

The RFID wearable technology makes it easy to be plugged into the “Internet of Things” and leverage the benefits of NFC technologies. Our products provide excellent performance in a small, convenient and portable artifact that can adapt to any of your necessities.

These types of devices are marking a new way of handling social network, banking and security information.

NFC Rings

Fabricated with ceramic and crystal, provide a large operating range and enough storage capacity to hold web links, contact information or even your bank account and keys. Make contactless operations with a simple knock of your hand.


Looking for something different? Try our our NFC customizable, temporary tattoos. Prefect for sharing your digital content or creating contactless experiences, like payments.

RFID Bracelets

This product has become a necessity for contemporary events, offering a completely new experience to the users and making it easier for organizers to implement access control and cashless solutions.